Ability Based Education

Traditionally, colleges and universities have focused on the knowledge that students should gain in higher education.

Over the past several years, the faculty of Tunxis Community College have been working collectively to also identify the abilities that students will need to be successful, whether they plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree or employment after leaving the College. This approach recognizes that students need to be able to apply the knowledge they have gained to real world situations.

After much research and consultation, the faculty identified the General Education Abilities critical to students’ success in their professional and personal lives.

Assessment of student achievement is also necessary to ensure that students have in fact developed these abilities and to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. The faculty are now designing a variety of strategies to assess student achievement in each ability and level in courses throughout each discipline and program of study offered at the college.

Even though the system is not yet complete, the assessment of these abilities has already been established in many courses and programs. Students should expect that they will not only be striving for traditional grades but also achievement of these abilities throughout their experience at Tunxis Community College.

For more information, contact Dr. David England, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Outreach, at 860.255.3498.xx