Clubs & Organizations

Student clubs and organizations exist to further the ideas and spirit of Tunxis Community College. They are designed to attend to particular student interests and present opportunities for individual growth and development. The Director of Student Activities will assist you with organizing or joining a club. Below is a description of current student clubs and organizations, as well as the name and telephone extension of the club’s advisor

+Student Government Association (SGA)
Considered the official voice of the student body, the SGA helps to plan activities and provide a means of communication within the College structure. The SGA uses student activity fees to pay for all its College activities. The Executive Board of the SGA consists of four officers: president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary; two voting members from each of the recognized student organizations; and members at large from the College community. All students are members of the SGA. Meetings are held every two weeks and times are posted on bulletin boards.

Advisor: Chris LaPorte, 860.773.1362

+Art Club

The Tunxis Art Club is a place to connect with fellow students through collaborative projects, museum field trips, student art shows, campus art action, community outreach and creative discussion. One of the club’s best events is the club’s ambitious 24-hr. drawing marathon each spring. The club is open to any student – you don’t need to be an artist or even consider yourself creative to join. Come on, carpe diem!
Advisor: Carianne Mack, 860.773.1647
+Celebration of Womanhood

This club brings together people of all ages and races to share wisdom and knowledge on women’s issues.
Contact: Maggie Carlin, 860.773.1505
+Criminal Justice Club

The CJ Club is a gathering of Tunxis students who have an interest in criminal justice.  This club offers many opportunities to learn about the criminal justice field through trips and guest lecturers.  Students are expected to represent not only the club, but Tunxis Community College as respectful and upstanding citizens.
Advisor: Jessica Waterhouse-Van Wie, 860.773.1646
Facebook: CJ Club Facebook Page
+Dance Club

Advisor: Robert Smith, 860.773.1648
+Dental Assisting Club

Promotes the highest ideals of professionalism in the dental community, and teamwork in all aspects of professional interaction.
Advisor: Gary Jacobs, 860.773.1674
Facebook: Tunxis Community College Dental Assisting Student Government Association (TunxisDASGA)
+Drug and Alcohol Recovery Counselor Club (DARC)

Strives to bring public awareness to the DARC program and to drug and alcohol abuse education and treatment.
Advisor: Harriet Cianci-Emerson, 860.773.1611
+El Club de Español

Shares information about and promotes interest in the Spanish language and Latino cultures. This is accomplished through social and cultural activities surrounding Spanish food and culture, including field trips to area Spanish and Latino restaurants, bus trips each semester to NYC, Hartford or New Haven to see Spanish language theater productions or Latin music concerts, as well as on campus Salsa and Flamenco dance lessons as part of Tunxis’ International Week celebration each Spring. All levels of Spanish speakers welcome to attend our free bi-weekly Mesa Española Spanish luncheons in the cafeteria and any Club event.
Advisor: Lisa Celona, 860.773.1604
+Epsilon Nu

Advisor: Susan Gentry, 860.773.1651
+Gaming Club

Advisor: Steve Mead, 860.773.1384
+Got Pride Club

The Tunxis Got Pride club welcomes all students of the transgender community and all sexual orientations, including straight allies. At our meetings we hope to create a safe place to offer support. By raising awareness of different sexual and gender identities, linking homophobia with other oppressions, and advocating for equal treatment for youth of all sexual orientations, the goal of the Tunxis  GSA is to  create a school environment free of homophobia, sexual, verbal and physical harassment.
Club Meetings: Mondays at 2:30pm, room 211
Facebook: Tunxis Got Pride Club
Advisor: Chuck Cleary, 860.773.1302
+Human Services Club

Provides a support system and promotes student awareness of issues on and off campus; encourages student volunteerism and community work.
Advisor: Colleen Richard, 860.773.1637
Facebook: Human Services Facebook Group
Website: Human Services / Colleen Richard Web Site
+Media Club

Advisor: Patrice Hamilton, 860.773.1643
General Inquiries:
+Muslim Student Association

Club is currently dormant.
+Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)–Alpha Iota Alpha Chapter

An internationally-acclaimed honor society for two-year colleges which promotes scholarship, leadership and service, and stimulates continued interest in academic excellence. Membership is by invitation only, and these are posted to eligible students each semester. To be eligible for an invitation to join, a student must be currently taking courses at Tunxis, program-enrolled, have accumulated 12 semester hours at Tunxis, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.
Advisors: Edward Cook, 860.773.1614; Helen Lozada, 860.773.1425
National Web site:
Facebook: Tunxis Alpha Iota Alpha Chapter

+Philosophy Club

Advisor: Jesse Abbot, 860.773.1603
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+Light of the World Bible Club

Advisor: Rosalie Pion, 860.773.1519
Light of the World Bible Club is a Christian based association whose sole purpose is to promote love, unity and fellowship through the means of relying on Christian knowledge. The club draws its inspiration from Matthew 5:16,  “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Our goal is to enlighten students and increase spiritual awareness while increasing maturity in Christ through the means of biblical truths as well as the sharing of life experiences.  We hope that by doing so, not only will we increase motivation amongst students, but also lead students to a more positive outlook in life, and lead them to be more successful.  We hope to accomplish these goals and purpose of this association by the studying of biblical scripture, motivational and other guest speakers, entertainment as well as other activities open to everyone.
+Service Learning Club

The club brings together students dedicated to making a difference in their and other people’s lives through volunteer service to the Tunxis and local underserved communities and through personal reflection and growth.
Advisor: Marie Clucas, Ph.D., 860.773.1632
+Ski Club

Advisor: Steve Mead, 860.773.1384
+Student American Dental Hygienist Association (SADHA)

Cultivates, promotes, and sustains the art and science of dental hygiene. The club represents the common interests of the dental hygiene profession and contributes toward the improvement of the health of the public.
Advisor: Rebecca Sullivan, 860.773.1390
American Dental Hygienists Asociation Web site:
Connecticut Dental Hygienists’ Association, Inc. Web site:
+Student Newspaper (The Tunxis SUN) Club

Establishes a voice for students, utilizing their skills in the areas of writing and marketing. The club promotes student involvement in college issues—academic, social and political.
Advisors: Rafaele Fierro, 860.773.1642; Bob Brown, 860.255.3737
+Theatre Club

Advisor: George Sebastian-Coleman, 860.773.1635
+Veterans Club

The Veterans’ Club enhances the lives of student veterans and service members. The OASIS Lounge is the meeting place where they socialize in a welcoming environment and offer support to each other through common interests and experiences.
Advisor: Karen DeBari

For more information, contact Christopher Laporte, Director of Student Activities, at 860.773.1362.