Learn how to operate your 35mm digital SLR camera and the creative potential of this medium. Whether you are just beginning or have been ‘shooting’ for a while, you will benefit from this class. Learn how to take full advantage of your camera’s capabilities. Topics include: camera handling, use of different lenses, filters, depth of field, shutter speeds, flash photography, tripods, and composition. Join us in an informal atmosphere with emphasis on the individual needs of each student. Students will need a 35mm digital SLR camera with manual controls. June 5 – 26, Monday, 6 – 9 PM Fee: $149, Location: Tunxis@Bristol, 430 North Main Street, Bristol, CT. Instructor: Eric Dreeke.

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In Understanding Your digital SLR Camera you learn how to use your camera. NOW, it’s time to practice what you’ve learned in this ‘hands-on’ course. The first class begins with a review of the 35mm digital camera and discussion of the indoor and outdoor locations you will be photographing. Practical field training and demonstrations of depth of field, aperture and speed priority settings, ISO control lens speeds, understanding telephoto vs. wide angle lens, image composition, understanding the ‘quality of light’ and how it effects the mood of a picture, time exposures vs. motion capture, capturing textures, surface reflections, and much more. Prerequisite: Basic Level 1 or permission of the Instructor after review.  -July 22, 29, August 5, 12, Saturday,; 10AM – 1PM, 4 sessions, Fee: $149, Location: To Be Announced by Instructor, off-site of Tunxis, Instructor: Eric Dreeke

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Have you wanted to use Photoshop but didn’t know where to start? In this Photoshop course you will learn to navigate the program interface, how to properly use Photoshop tools, discover how to re-touch and color correct images as well as an introduction professional image overflows. Learn techniques used to create professional looking images using Camera Raw, layers, masks, filters, and blend modes. Advanced Photoshop users with no formal training will also benefit from this class as tips, tricks, keyboard short cuts and essential foundation skills are covered. Prerequisite: Basic Computer Skills are necessary. Students will need to bring a Flash Drive to class. May 23 – June 27, Tuesday, 6 – 9 PM, 6 sessions, Fee: $219, Location: Farmington Tunxis Campus, room 6-227, MAC Lab.

, Instructor: Lisa Cherie- Reardon

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Do you have 1,000’s of photos? Are you running out of space on your computer hard drive?
Learn how to organize, back up, and archive your digital photos. The class will teach you how storage hardware, file formats, metadata and software applications work together to keep your images safe and easy to find. Please note that Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Bridge will be the primary software for class examples and we strongly encourage students to take this class in conjunction with Photoshop for Photographers. Jan. 25 – Feb. 8, Wed. 6 – 9 PM, 3 sessions, Fee: $105, Location: Tunxis@Bristol, 430 North Main Street Bristol, CT. Instructor: Kristen Hines-Baker. 

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Take more visually compelling photographs as you learn the importance of compositional elements, subject placement, geometry, and lines. This class will teach effective use of photographic concepts which students will apply through several photo composition assignments and discussions. April 26 – May 3, Wednesday, 6 – 9PM, 2 sessions, Fee: $79 Location: Tunxis@Bristol, 430 North Main Street, Bristol, CT, Instructor: Kristen Hines-Baker

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Dramatically increase the impact of your photos and create amazing portraits using the versatile and powerful light from a hot shoe flash. Cut right to the chase with in-depth and interactive learning on how to use a speed light off camera. Classes include plenty of opportunity for students to work on a personal level at live photo shoots with top shelf talent. No matter your current skills you will learn about lighting, camera settings, and how to create amazing classic and lifestyle Portraits with ease. Students must bring their own DSLR camera to class. All other equipment will be provided by the Instructor for class use. Recommended Prerequisite: Digital Level 1 or equivalent practical experience and Instructor approval. April 22 – May 13 (S), 10 AM – 1 PM, 4 sessions. Fee $149. Instructor: Lisa Cherie-Reardon

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The program is designed to introduce the beginning photographer to various artificial light sources and modifiers through a series of presentations and hands on practice. Learn how to manipulate artificial light to produce professional looking images that convey a visual mood. Photographers will use: strobe lights, hot lights, umbrellas, bounce and translucent screens, hard edge and soft edge quality of light, color temperature, white balance, digital histogram, light modifiers, directional lighting, mood lighting, hair lighting, lighting ratios and more. Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Level 1 or the approval of the Instructor. Students are required to bring their own digital DSLR camera to class. March 20 – April 10, Monday, 6-9 PM, 4 sessions, Fee: $149, Location: Tunxis@Bristol, 430 North Main Street, Bristol, CT, Instructor: Erik Dreeke

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Combine all your photography skills through the courses you have taken at Tunxis and challenge yourself to continue farther and explore and develop your personal photography style. This course with begin with a quick basic review on shooting in manual settings and editing in Photoshop. Other topics include: shooting environmental portraits, sports, events, finding features, discussing the ethics and copy write responsibility of photography, and completing a photo story package.

Prerequisite: Completed other Tunxis classes, or, approval of the Instructor.March 20- May 1 (no class April 10), Monday, 6 – 9 PM, 6 sessions, Fee: $219, Location: Tunxis@Bristol, 430 North Main Street, Bristol, CT, Instructor: Kristen Hines-Baker

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In this intensive two and a half day course you’ll learn how to use your digital camera, how to photograph indoors with available light, and how sunlight at various times of the day affects your photos when you shot on location. Understanding quality of light at different times of the day and knowing how to control camera’s settings at these times is tied directly to how your images of people, places and things will turn out. You will be guided through a series of easy to understand steps including setting menu options for specific situations, auto focusing, ISO settings, JPEG vs. RAW and so much more. This program is a great place to start your adventure in quality photography. Prerequisite: Own a digital camera.Jan. 11 – 13, 2017; Wednesday & Thursday 9 AM – 4 PM, Friday 9 AM – noon; Fee: $169; Location: Tunxis@Bristol, 430 North Main Street, Bristol, CT; Instructor: Eric Dreeke.

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Non-credit Photography students who complete the following classes and have their portfolio reviewed and accepted by our Instructors will earn a non-credit certificate in creative photography from Tunxis Community College.

Understanding Your Digital SLR Camera
(Formerly Level 1)**Digital Photography Boot Camp can substitute for this class
12 hours
Applied Creative Photography
(Formerly Level 2)
12 hours
Photoshop for Photographers
(Formerly Photoshop Elements)
18 hours
Basic Artificial Lighting or Flash Portraits
(Formerly Flash Photography)
12 hours
Advanced Photography 18 hours

To request a review you will need to contact Victor Mitchell, Director of Business and Industry Services for Tunxis Community College. He will arrange a time the drop-off your  material for review.

Tunxis Community College non-credit Creative Photography Certificate will be presented in May. Please allow 30 days for the review process to take place.

To register call 860-314-4700.

‘Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter.’ Ansel Adams

‘Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.’ Imogen Cunningham

‘You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it.’ unknown