College speaks a language all its own. What follows is a list of terms that new students should become familiar with:

What is a credit (credit hour)?

Classes are measured in the amount of instruction time required to successfully complete a course. For example, PSY*111, General Psychology I, is a three credit course, which means it will meet for 3 hours each week.

What is a MAT Guide (Plan of Study)?

A MAT Guide is a form which lists all required courses for a particular degree or certificate. It may be used as a planning tool for scheduling classes for future semesters.

What is the class schedule?

The class schedule is available in hard copy and online at before the start of each semester. It lists all classes offered for that semester by subject. It also gives the days and times for each class, along with pertinent information on registration dates and other campus info.

What is a registration form?

A registration form must be completed by the student and signed by an advisor in order to register for classes.

What is a transcript?

A transcript is a student’s official record of academic history. The transcript lists all courses taken, grades achieved, semester taken and cumulative grade point average. The transcript can be accessed by logging onto and following the instructions for student log-in.

What is a G.P.A.?

G.P.A. stands for grade point average. Grades are received for every course at the end of each semester. Each grade is a numerical expression used to determine a student’s academic standing. For example, “A” is equal to 4.0 grade points. The number of grade points received in a course is determined by multiplying the credits attempted by the value of the grade earned. A 3 credit course receiving an “A” would gain 12 grade points (3 x 4.0). The average (G.P.A.) is computed by dividing the total number of quality points by the total number of credits attempted.

For example, a student who takes 12 credits may receive the following grades during a semester: