What should I bring?

You should bring your class schedule, textbooks, a pen and a notebook.

How do I find my classroom?

Arrive a few minutes early in order to locate your classroom. Postings of classroom locations will be located in the Main lobbies and entrances to the college. Look for your course number on the sheets.  There will be a room number listed. All rooms may be located on the campus map.

Classroom Do’s and Don’ts


  • attend every class
  • arrive on time
  • come to class prepared
  • take good notes
  • ask questions for clarification
  • be courteous toward the instructor and other class members
  • turn off cell phones and other electronic devices
  • notify your instructor in advance if you must be absent


  • attend irregularly and expect to be updated
  • wait until the last minute to complete assignments
  • arrive late and ask to make up work
  • rely on others to do the note taking for you
  • talk while others are speaking