Connecticut Community Colleges Board of Trustees Computing Policy

Tunxis Community College Computer Resources

Tunxis Community College operates in accordance with the Connecticut Community Colleges Board of Trustees Computing Policy  and the associated Acceptable Use Policies issued by the CCC Chancellor.   These documents are incorporated by reference in this Policy. All computer resources and facilities of TCC shall be used solely for legitimate and authorized TCC academic and administrative purposes. The following guidelines represent an extension and clarification of the CNET Acceptable Use Policy applicable to Tunxis Community College.


Violations of this Policy shall subject users to the regular disciplinary processes and procedures of the College for student, staff or faculty and may result in loss of computing privileges. Illegal acts involving College computing resources may also subject violators to prosecution by local, state, and/or federal authorities.

General Principles for Use

The College reserves the right to inspect and examine any Tunxis owned or operated communication system, computer resource, and/or files or information contained therein at any time. It is prohibited for Systems or Network Administrators to read users’ files unless required to react to or prevent actions by users that may violate this Acceptable Use Policy or may cause significantly detrimental effects on system or network operation.

Unacceptable Uses

  • The viewing, downloading, and/or printing of materials for purposes other than legitimate academic work is prohibited. The viewing, downloading or printing of sexually graphic or suggestive materials may additionally be considered grounds for further disciplinary action for sexual harassment.
  • Storing of files and/or programs on the hard drives of the computers by students is prohibited.
  • Installation of personal software on computers is prohibited.

Additional Guidelines

  • Software downloads or printouts of materials from the Internet are subject to limitation.
  • No food or drink is allowed at any computer table. Cups and other containers must be left on the floor.
  • Children must be supervised by parents at all times and are not allowed to use computers without specific authorization from College staff supervising Computer Resource areas, unless participating in College sponsored activities.

Endorsed: TCC Campus Computer Committee
Date: September 23, 1998

BOT Computing Policy

(Adopted on October 21, 2002, this policy replaced that adopted on July 22, 1985)

The following policy can also be found in Section 2.81 in the the BOT Policy Manual

The Connecticut Community College (CCC) System provides information technology resources  (IT resources) to faculty, staff and students for academic and administrative use.  IT resources may also be available to members of the college community through college libraries and websites.  This policy applies to all users of IT resources.

IT resources include, but are not limited to, computers and peripheral hardware, software, networks, databases, electronic communications and Internet connectivity.  CCC IT resources are the property of the Board of Trustees.  Use of such resources is a privilege and is subject to such IT policies, standards and procedures as may be promulgated from time to time.

IT resources shall be used solely for legitimate and authorized academic and administrative purposes, and in furtherance of CCC mission and goals.  They shall not be used for personal purposes, including monetary gain.  Use of IT resources may be monitored by the appropriate CCC authority to ensure proper and efficient usage, as well as to identify problems or to check for security violations.

Any unauthorized or illegitimate use of IT resources may subject the user to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal or expulsion, as well as loss of computing privileges.  Users must comply with all applicable state and federal laws and may be subject to criminal prosecution for violation thereof under state and federal laws.

The Chancellor is authorized to promulgate necessary and appropriate IT policies, standards and procedures, including but not limited to those affecting acceptable uses of IT resources, electronic communications and network security.  Colleges shall ensure that users of IT resources are aware of all IT policies, standards and procedures, as appropriate.

For more information, contact Rob Wahl, Director of Information Technology, at 860.255.3472.