“Beyond Utility: A Liberal Arts Education in an Era of Standardization”

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The campus and community is invited to “Beyond Utility: A Liberal Arts Education in an Era of Standardization” by Leon Botstein, Ph.D., president of Bard College, educational reformer, author, and music director/conductor, on March 4, 1-2:30 p.m. Held in Room 6-127, the talk is free.

Botstein will explore the dangers of academic conformity, the rewards of alternative approaches to testing and learning, and the value of original thinking for students discovering a meaningful career and life. Botstein is one of the founders and leaders of Bard High School Early College in New York and New Jersey. He is also author of “Jefferson’s Children: Education and the Promise of American Culture” (1997), in which he proposes ending public schooling after tenth grade so that students can begin college early. Botstein’s books and essays on education, music and other topics have been widely published. His honors include theNational Arts Club Gold Medal, the Centennial Medal of the Hartford Graduate School of the Arts and Sciences, and several other awards. Pizza, desserts and beverages will be served. The lecture is one of a series of talks on philosophy and the history of ideas. For more information, call 860.773.1603, or email jabbot@tunxis.edu.

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