General Statement

The Tunxis Community College Library welcomes all users, however, our collections, services, and facilities are primarily intended for the College community. Our students require an environment that is conducive to quiet study, research, student group work, learning, collaboration, and instruction.

Circulation Policies

Please see our guide to Access Services for a detailed explanation of our Circulation Policies.

Behavior Policy

“Libraries are where people, one frequently finds, lower their voices and raise their minds.”
— Richard Armour

Anyone who behaves inappropriately in the Library will be given a verbal warning. If the inappropriate behavior continues, the patron will be asked to leave the Library.

If an individual refuses to comply with a request to cease inappropriate behavior or to leave the Library, Campus Security will be notified.

Inappropriate behavior may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Loud or excessive noise;
  • Theft or mutilation of Library materials;
  • Consumption of tobacco products or electronic cigarettes,[also known as: e-cig or e-cigarette, personal vaporizer (PV) or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS)];
  • Harassment of any kind: physical, verbal or sexual directed at other Library patrons or at Library staff.

Graffiti and Criminal Mischief

Act of property damage, including vandalism and graffiti, are considered criminal mischief. In Connecticut, such acts carry penalties ranging from 3 months in jail and $500 fine, to 1-5 years in prison, with fines up to $5000. Ref: Conn. Stat. Sec. 53a-115 to 53a-117a.

Food & Drink

Snacks and covered drinks are allowed in the Library.  The Library staff reserves the right to ask you to relocate to Pages Café Lobby if your food choice is disruptive to your fellow studiers.

Use of Cell Phones & Other Electronic Devices

Cell phone conversations are not allowed in the Library. Please turn off all ringers, pagers, etc. upon entering the Library and conduct conversations outside the Library.

All digital or handheld electronics with sound must be used with a headset.

Library DVD players must be used with a headset (unless in small group study rooms – volume appropriate).

Sound on laptop PCs should be turned off. Laptop computers must be used with a headset or the sound must be muted.

It is the official policy of the College that personal laptops are not allowed to be connected to our network for security reasons.

Study Rooms

Groups of 2 or more students have priority in small group study rooms. Use of the group study rooms is limited to two hours per day, per group. Individual students will be asked to relocate in favor of group use.

Computer Use for General Public (non-students)

Three computers, located directly behind the reference desk on the first floor, are available to the general public (non-students) for 1 hour per day, per person. There is a 10 cent per page fee for printing. All other Library computers are available to Connecticut Community College students, faculty, and staff only.

Library Hours & Library Closings

Library hours are posted at the Library’s Main Entrance.

Library patrons should check out materials 15 minutes prior to closing.

Library public computers will shut down automatically 15 minutes prior to closing.  Files must be saved on flash drives or through email attachments by that point or work will be lost.

Library patrons should complete photocopying 15 minutes prior to closing.

Library patrons are expected to leave the Library at closing in an orderly manner.

Library patrons are expected to comply with directions of the Library staff to leave the Library in the case of a drill or emergency.

Children’s Use of the Library

The Library staff is not responsible for the safety, care, or supervision of children of any age in the Library. Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety, care, and supervision of children of any age in the Library.

Children under 12 may not be left unattended in the Library.

Parents should be aware of the content of Connecticut General Statute 53-21 and 21a regarding child neglect and risk of injury to minors. A copy can be found here.

The Library does not censor Library materials. Therefore, supervision or restriction of a minor’s access to the Internet or other Library material is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Children must be at least 12 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian (or enrolled in a Tunxis Community College program or class) to obtain a Library card.

Parents or guardians of children who are disruptive will be asked to remove their children from the Library.

Parents or guardians will be held responsible for damage caused to Library property by their children.

Book Donations

The Library does not accept donations of books or other resources.

Library Main: 860.773.1550   |   Circulation: 860.773.1560   |   Reference: 860.773.1556