Our goal at Tunxis Community College is to ensure your academic success by providing a course of study designed to help you get started in your college career. We utilize the Accuplacer Placement Assessment to provide information about your skill levels in the English language and math.  You and a professional staff or faculty advisor will then use the test results to make decisions about the kinds of courses that are most appropriate for you at this time.

The computerized test consists of a series of untimed, multiple-choice subtests in English, reading, and math. The testing system is easy to use; no computer experience is needed. Tests are untimed so you can give every question as much thought as you need. Most students complete the test in approximately 2 hours.

When you begin the test, you will be given an orientation to familiarize you with the few simple keyboard commands you will have to use. A test administrator will always be present should you have any questions.

No fee is charged for the placement test. Please bring a photo ID and your Tunxis student ID number. You will find this student ID number on your acceptance email from Admissions.

All test materials are provided. You will not be permitted to use calculators, books, or notes of any kind.

No, calculators are not permitted.  Neither are books or notes of any kind.

The purpose of the placement test is to accurately assess your present skills in English and math. First, we recommend that you become familiar with the test format. Next, you may want to refresh some of your skills. Start here with the sample questions. For more practice, try the Sample Questions with Detailed Explanations or try the Accuplacer Study App.

You neither pass nor fail this test. Results are used only to place you in courses according to your current level of skills.

Reservations are required. Call the Academic Success Center at 860.773.1530 to schedule your test. The testing schedule is published on the placement testing page.

The Center is located in Room 6-109 across from the art gallery.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the placement test is scheduled to begin.

Accuplacer test results are immediately available at the end of your test. ESL test results are mailed within a few days. Placement test results are kept on file in the Academic Success Center, and you may request a copy in person with a photo ID. Test results are not given over the phone.

Out-of-state placement testing can be arranged by contacting the Coordinator of Placement Testing. You will need to identify someone in your community (a local librarian, teacher, counselor, etc.) who is willing to proctor your exam at a quiet location where there is a computer with Internet access.

Students wishing to enroll in courses specifically designed for students studying English as a Second language should take the ESL Placement Test. This is a 2-hour written test (see ESL Sample Questions). Students who have advanced skills may sign up for the non-ESL placement test. If you are unsure about which test to take, please speak with Academic Success Center staff.

Yes. High School Partnership applicants must take the entire placement test. Placement test exemptions do no apply.

For more information, contact the Academic Success Center at 860.773.1530 or tx-asc@tunxis.edu.