Payment Plan Information

SPRING 2015 ONLINE PAYMENT PLAN ENROLLMENT BEGINS December 19, 2014, (Early Registrants Must Enroll in the Payment Plan on or before December 19, 2014)

If you wish to enroll in a payment plan, here is quick guide to get you started:

  1. Log into
  2. Click: “Banner Self Service”
  3. Click: “Registration & Payment”
  4. Click: “Installment Plan Enrollment and Payment”
  5. Click: “Installment Plan Enrollment and Payment” button
  6. Click: “Payment Plans” on top menu bar

This will bring you to the payment plan site where you will be able to read along and complete the payment plan enrollment process as well as make your first payment.

Please note: 

There will be a minimum payment due upon enrollment. This payment will include 40% of your tuition and fees as well as a $25 non-refundable payment plan enrollment fee. Two installments of 30% each will be due on February 11th and March 4th respectively.

Failure to make payment arrangements on or before the appropriate date may result in cancellation of registration. Students whose classes are canceled for non-payment will need to re-register on a space-available basis when able to make payment.

AS ALWAYS – if a student does not make payment arrangements and/or is no longer interested in taking classes, it is their responsibility to withdraw from those courses or the student may be subject to applicable charges regardless of whether or not they attend. Fees are NOT refunded. Please consult the college catalog for any applicable tuition refund dates and amounts.


Sample Payment Plan Breakdown:   
 12 Credits No labs/studios9 Credits No labs/studios6 Credits No labs/studios3 Credits No labs/studios
Tuition:$ 1,716.00$ 1,287.00$ 858.00$ 429.00
College Service Fee:$ 207.00$ 163.00$ 119.00$ 84.00
Student Activity Fee:$ 10.00$ 5.00$ 5.00$ 5.00
Total Cost Before Payment Plan: $ 1,933.00$ 1,455.00$ 982.00$ 518.00
Installment Plan Fee:$ 25.00$ 25.00$ 25.00$ 25.00
Deposit 40%:$ 773.20$ 582.00$ 392.80$ 207.20
Total Down Payment:$ 798.20$ 607.00$ 417.80$ 232.20
Installment 1:$ 579.90$ 436.50$ 294.60$ 155.40
Installment 2:$ 579.90$ 436.50$ 294.60$ 155.40
Total Cost For Payment Plan:$ 1,958.00$ 1,480.00$ 1,007.00$ 543.00

For more information, contact the Cashiers Office at 860.773.1315.