Faculty Resources

If your computer does not appear to be working correctly, you should call our Help Desk at ext. 3470 to report the problem. A Student Lab Assistant will fill out a report of your problem and the first available IT staff member will call you back.  Please identify if the problem is urgent and requires immediate assistance so that the Lab Assistant will know to show it immediately to whomever is on duty.

Here are a few things to try in case your computer does not work.
Computer frozenShutdown and restart the computer:  Press CTRL/ALT/DEL  and select “Shut Down”.  Then power the computer back on once it has powered off.
Word or other Office product not workingShut down and restart computer
Illegal operation messageShut down and restart computer
Password not workingCheck your username and password, and retype it again slowly.  Remember – passwords are case sensitive.
Message “No Domain Server was available…”Check that your network cable is plugged in or Call the Help Desk at x3470
Monitor not workingCheck the plugs.  Call the Help Desk at ext. 3470
Mouse not workingCall the Help Desk at ext. 3470
Printer not workingCall the Help Desk at ext. 3470

The following links are PowerPoint slides on how to install and use NetMeeting, changing your Windows and Networking  password and creating a Screensaver protected password.

Installing NetMeeting
Using NetMeeting

For more information, contact the IT Department Help Desk at 860.255.3470.