IT Department Staff

Robert Wahl860.773.1381Director of Information Technology
Peter Haffner860.773.1382Assistant Director of Information Technology
Steven Mead860.773.1384Coordinator of Academic Information Technology
Luis Neves860.773.1385IT Analyst 2
Obed Delancy 860.773.1386IT Analyst 2
Susan Rogowski860.773.1387IT Analyst 2
Dave Wright860.773.1389IT Technician
Karen Okenquist860.773.1383Administrative Assistant
Function: The Information Technology Staff provides support for both academic and administrative users. Our goal is to make the use of College computers and software as trouble-free as possible. Users are encouraged to report problems to our Help Desk at 860.773.1390 so that an IT staff member can help them resolve it promptly.

For more information, contact the IT Department Help Desk at 860.773.1390.