Making Tunxis Greener

Saving Paper and Saving the Environment

Student Printing Limits Effective Summer 2009

In an effort to encourage conservation of paper, Tunxis will be introducing printing limits for students beginning with the Summer 2009 semester.

As a student, you will have an account created which will provide you with a reasonable limit of pages for the semester .  If you approach the limit established, a message will display on the screen advising you to contact the IT Department to discuss your printing needs before your account is used up.  Initially a 100 page buffer will be established to provide time to contact the IT Department.

Increased limits will be permitted whenever a clear need is demonstrated.  Limit changes may take up to 48 hours to become effective.

Do your part to protect the environment.
Think before you print!  Do you really need this in hardcopy?

Conserve paper and limit your printing to essential documents.

Thank you.

earth head!

For more information, contact
the IT Department Help Desk at 860.255.3470.