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  • In an effort to facilitate or enhance communication between Institutional Research and its clients the following data request is provided for your use. In the “Request” input field, please provide as much detail as possible to ensure an accurate interpretation of your request. Please note that data requests received through the web receive priority over telephone and memo requests.

    The Associate Dean of Institutional Planning & Effectiveness must approve all requests submitted to the Department of Institutional Research.

    Confidential information is provided in response to specific requests. Disclosure of this information to unauthorized parties violates the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA).

    It is expected that you will:

    • Handle this information in a confidential manner, keeping it secure at all times.
    • Communicate this information ONLY to other parties authorized to have access to it in accordance with the provisions of FERPA.
    • Use this information only for its intended purpose.
    • Properly dispose of this information when it is no longer needed.

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For more information, contact Dr. David England, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Outreach, at 860.773.1401.