Computer Information Systems Degree

This degree will provide you with the maximum flexibility and marketability. In addition to our core courses, students will take both programming and applications electives and directed electives of their choice. Students who complete this degree will have a variety of career options open to them.

Computer Information Systems: Computer Programming Option Degree

Designed for the problem-solver whose goal is to work as a programmer. Students will take courses in a variety of today’s programming languages, including C++, Visual Basic, and Java.

Computer Science/Mathematics (Honors) Degree

The Honors Computer Science/Mathematics associate in science degree at Tunxis Community College transfers seamlessly to Central Connecticut State University. After two years at Tunxis, students who continue on to pursue a bachelor’s degree start preparing for entry-level careers as software engineers or math teachers. Under the provisions of an approved articulation agreement with Central Connecticut State University, graduates of Tunxis Community College with a grade point average of 2.7 or better may enter CCSU’s School of Arts and Sciences at the junior level and apply all of their credits toward bachelor of science degrees in Computer Science Honors Program, Computer


Certificate in Computer Programming

Provides the skills to solve problems in business, science, and mathematics utilizing object-oriented methodology and graphical user interface design. This certificate can lead to entry-level programming positions using C++, Visual Basic and /or Java.

Certificate in Microcomputer Processing

Provides training in basic microcomputer applications such as word processing, spreadsheet applications, database applications and presentation graphics, as well as in networking and the Internet. Certificate can lead to entry-level positions in desktop support services including help desk and training positions, entry-level software maintenance, or entry-level network operating system support.

Certificate in Network Administration

Provides the skills in the areas of network design, local and wide area networks, network operating systems and networking administration. This certificate responds to the growing importance of networking in the business world.

Computer Information System Courses

Introduction to Computers
Programming Logic and Design with Visual Basic
Operating Systems
Network Essentials
Web Design and Development
Database Design
Systems Analysis and Design[/one-half][one-half last]Unix/Linux System Administration
Network Security
Fundamentals C++ Programming
Java Programming
Visual Basic Programming
Coop Ed/Work Experience

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