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Academic Advising & Counseling

Posted by James Revillini - July 24, 2014 -

The Academic Advising Center
The Academic Advising Center provides a wide range of services to assist you with self exploration, goal-setting, decision-making, problem-solving and academic planning issues. Counselors and advisors are trained in academic, career and transfer advising as well as personal counseling. You should contact the Academic Advising Center Secretary to set up an appointment with a Counselor or an Advisor.
Academic Advising
Students enrolled in degree or certificate programs will be assigned a faculty advisor who will assist in course planning and academic progress review.
Finding Your Advisor’s Name:

Sign in to myCommnet
Click Banner Self-Service at the top
Click on Student Records
Click on View Information
Click Submit
Look for Primary Advisor (non-degree students are assigned to the Academic Advising Center)

Any student who is not assigned to a faculty advisor should make an appointment through the Academic Advising Center to discuss program requirements, course selection and academic program planning. Services include, but are not limited to, placement test interpretation, assessment of academic interests and strengths and year-round academic schedule planning. You can access Academic Advising Center services whenever your advisor is unavailable or when you need the expertise of advising/counseling staff. Academic advising and counseling services are available through the Academic Advising Center for all students.
Checklist for meeting with your Advisor:

Familiarize yourself with all of your program requirements.
Think about and develop a schedule prior to your advising meeting.
Use the course schedule to check for classes that you may need.
Bring a copy of your program/matriculation guide to your advising meeting.
Write down and bring a list of your questions for your advisor.

Career Counseling
You are encouraged to explore occupational objectives and opportunities. Trained counselors assist in these career-planning efforts by offering a wide variety of resources including assessments to evaluate skills, values and personality, online employment databases and résumé handbooks, and job search and interviewing strategies. Opportunities to explore career options and to assess your interests are also available. This supportive process helps to clarify your educational and career goals.
Transfer Counseling
If you choose to continue your education at a four-year college or university, you are encouraged to meet with the Transfer Coordinator during your first year at Tunxis. You can obtain current information on application procedures, course selection and transferability. Details of the various transfer agreements Tunxis has with public and private institutions are also available. Opportunities to meet representatives from four-year institutions at a variety of activities including the annual Transfer College Fair, workshops, and one-on-one appointments are available.

Personal and Social Counseling
Solution-focused brief counseling is available if you are experiencing personal and/or social concerns. Counselors provide a private environment in which students may discuss and explore attitudes, feelings and values in a non-judgmental and confidential manner. If you need more extensive therapy, you will be referred to appropriate community agencies. The Academic Advising Center collaborates with other departments to offer wellness programs, encouraging healthy life choices for all Tunxis students.

Counseling Appointment Form PDF
Darryl Reome, Director of Advising, Counseling, and Student Retention
Maggie Carlin, Student Services Specialist
Vivian Craven, Counselor
Kim James, Director of Career Services
Kelly Pittman, Transfer Coordinator/Academic Advisor
Judy Reilly-Roberts, Counselor
Deborath Mendoza, Office Assistant

Continuing students seeking more information, or to book an appointment may contact the Academic Advising Center at 860.255.3540.
All new students should contact the Admissions Office at 860.255.3555.

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Academic Advising & Counseling

Posted by James Revillini - February 22, 2011 -

Counseling Services Available at Tunxis…
The counseling center is conveniently located in the main lobby in the Academic Affairs and Advising Offices, directly across the hall from the Records Office/Registrar.
Confidential*, individual, brief, solution-based counseling is available for a variety of personal issues. Counseling Appointment Form PDF
Confidential* counseling groups are developed by need or request to address mental health issues or personal growth goals.
Appointments for career counseling can be made to assist students in understanding career options, choosing or changing a major, or developing the skills necessary for career advancement. Career testing and interpretation is also available.
College counselors also assist students with course selection and planning, placement test interpretation, schedule planning and promoting healthy study habits. *Confidentiality does have limitations and does not apply in the following circumstances: if a student discloses knowledge of child abuse; disabled person or elder abuse; you are assessed to be a danger to yourself or someone else; ordered by law; and if directed by you to disclose information.
We’re here to help you…
Like everyone, college students may face difficult life transitions and circumstances, experience painful emotions, and need assistance in developing clear and meaningful goals while pursuing their academic course work. College counselors are professionally trained to help students cope with a wide variety of educational, adjustment, and mental health issues during their college years. Some methods counselors employ to facilitate discussions include listening, informing, empathizing, collaborating, brainstorming solutions, constructing goals, building on strengths and modeling appropriate behaviors. Counselors are glad to talk with you about any issue causing you concern or distress.  Some common concerns include: anxiety, sadness, loneliness, eating disorders, dating & domestic partner violence, alcohol & drug concerns, academic problems, sexual abuse, relationship issues, time management, choosing a major, communication skills and career & academic goals. Depending on the nature of the concern, counseling may be one appointment or several.  In some cases, a referral to a community specialist may be strongly encouraged. For more information, contact the Advising Center at 860.255.3540.

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