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IT Department Staff

Posted by Steven Mead - July 14, 2014 -

IT Department Staff

Robert Wahl
Director of Information Technology

Peter Haffner
Assistant Director of Information Technology

Steven Mead
Coordinator of Academic Information Technology

Luis Neves
IT Analyst 2

Obed Delancy
IT Analyst 2

Susan Rogowski
IT Analyst 2

David Wright
IT Technician

Daren Casey
IT Analyst 2

Robert Lavin
IT Technician II

Karen Okenquist
Administrative Assistant

IT HelpDesk

Department Function: The Information Technology Staff provides support for both academic and administrative users. Our goal is to make the use of College computers and software as trouble-free as possible. Users are encouraged to report problems to our Help Desk at 255.3470 so that an IT HelpDesk associate or staff member can help them resolve it promptly.


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Information Technology

Posted by James Revillini - February 22, 2011 -

Self Help Tips
If your computer does not appear to be working correctly, there are a couple of actions you can take to resolve the problem as indicated below.  If you still need assistance, you should call our Help Desk at ext. 3470 to report the problem. A Student Lab Assistant will fill out a report of your problem and the first available IT staff member will call you back.  If your computer is disabled, please explain that the problem is urgent and requires immediate assistance so that the Lab Assistant will know to bring it immediately to the attention of an IT staff member on duty.
1. Reboot the computer.
Normally, this is done by clicking the Start button and selecting Shutdown.  Alternatively you can press the CTRL/ALT/DEL keys to bring up the shutdown window,  If neither of these methods work, then hold the power button for 10 seconds until the power shuts down.
This is often a solution for a computer which appears “frozen” and does not respond or an application such as Word or Excel stops functioning.  This solution works because many applications can leave fragments in the computer memory which result in conflicts with other programs after they have been closed.  Rebooting the computer clears out all memory and starts fresh.
2. Check the plugs
Make sure that all plugs are connected and that power is connected to both the computer base and the monitor.  A network cable should connect from the computer to a datajack on the wall.  If you receive a message that “No domain server was available” when attempting to logon, then it is likely the network cable in unplugged.
If these basic tips do not resolve your problem, then please call the IT Help Desk at x3470.  A Lab Assistant will take your call and route the problem to the appropriate IT staff member who will follow-up with you to address the problem.
Tech Tips and “How To” Documentation
The IT Department emails Tech Tips on a periodic basis to provide users with valuable information regarding making the most of their computers or to give notice of upcoming changes.  All past Tech Tips can be accessed on campus via Public Folders in Outlook.  The following Powerpoint presentation demonstrates how to access Public Folders.
In addition, the following “How To” documents cover a variety of subjects to assist users with their computer experience.

Ad-Aware – protecting your computer from malware, spywear and browser hijacking.
Bandwidth – using the network responsibly.
File Management – or “Where is that file?“
Scanning on a Mac in the computer lab
Outlook and Email

Setting up Outlook
Outlook Management – (short version) (detailed version)
Clean up – keeping your Inbox from becoming too full
Public Folders – sharing information with Outlook

Network ID (NetID) Quick Guide – logging in to network computers on campus – (employee version) (student version)
OCR – scanning documents on the PC in the computer lab
Printing Securely

For more information, contact the IT Department Help Desk at 860.255.3470.

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