Business Programs Graduation Guide

Students in the Business Administration Program are strongly advised to take a lead on their academic career. First, you should develop an individual plan of study based on your long term college and career plans. This should be developed with your BA Advisor – who should be a BA full time faculty member.

Once you have a plan of student, you can plan out your college career. This is often developed on a graduation guide. Following the proper guide ensures you do take classes that will help your career or transfer seamlessly into a bachelor’s degree program.

  • Step One:  Decide on your long-term goals as soon as you can! Knowing if you want to continue on to a Bachelor’s Degree Business program, and where, will ensure you take the maximum number of directly transferable credits. And knowing what your career goals will be if you do not want to continue on to a Bachelor’s program will ensure you take the classes that will make you marketable!
  • Step Two: Log into Degree Works to see that you are in the correct degree program and to see your progress towards your BA degree and any certificates you are seeking. Learn how to use degree works here: Degree Works
  • Step Three:  Use the BA Advising Guide (the latest copy is located at the top of this page) to ensure you are taking the right classes/electives for your long-term goals
  • Step Four:  Pick the your classes early to ensure you get the classes you need. Each semester, you can access the complete list of Tunxis courses at:http://online.commnet.edu/pls/x/bzskfcls.P_CrseSearch.

When picking courses, it is important that you have met all the prerequisites, or you will not be allowed to register for the course. A course catalog with all course prereqs can be found here: ›http://tunxis.edu/college-information/catalog/.

  • Step Six: If you meet all the prereqs, you can either fill out a registration form and have it signed by your advisor, or save time and register online if you:
    • are a current student or student returning after less than two years,
    • know your Net ID,
    • have checked the prerequisites for your course choice and have completed them at Tunxis,
    • have no Business Office or Library holds on your account,
    • and be prepared to make payment at the time of registration.

    For directions on how to web-register: http://tunxis.edu/offices-departments/records-office-registrar/information-and-services-for-students/web-registration/

Remember: Classes fill up quickly. To ensure you get the classes you need to register early!