In the process of developing this e-portfolio I rediscovered a lot of the work that I have done to use as proof and evidence … In this process I also discovered strengths and abilities that I did not know or did not remembered I had. I am very grateful for this process. In ways, it inspired me to be proud of the things that I have done in school and it gave me the confidence to put it all out there for everyone to see. – Chris Estephan, BA Alumn (https://tunxis.digication.com/estephan_bbg_292/Reflection)

All students completing their BA degree at Tunxis Community College will complete and present an ePortfolio through Capstone or Practicum.  An ePortfolio is wonderful tool to showcase your General Education and Program abilities, as well as your experience and extracurricular activities, when you apply for a job or to a four year institution. We strongly encourage you to upload assignments and short reflections from all of your classes into your ePortfolio so that they are saved and in one location.

When evaluating transfer credits, the more support the evaluator sees to judge if a course is of the academic nature to accept completely in transfer helps the student. The evaluator usually needs a syllabus, but with ePortfolio you can not only supply the syllabus you can show the caliber of work performed – a paper or project being seen with the syllabus just adds to your chances of that course being taken completely in transfer.  Stephen Paulone DBA, MBA, MS, Director Graduate Business Programs at The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University

According to an AACU 2013 Employer Survey, 83% of employers say an ePortfolio would be useful to them in ensuring applicants have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their company.

What I love about E-Portfolios is that after I read one, I feel as if I know more about the person than I can ever get from a traditional resume. – Deana Giordano, Connecticut Department of Labor

Some examples of BA ePortfolios:

Creating an ePortfolio: