Admissions Requirements for Tunxis Community College Dental Hygiene Program

  • Applicant must complete Chemistry 111, English Composition 101, Intermediate Algebra, and a 200 level Anatomy and Physiology I, (note Anatomy and Physiology I at Tunxis has Biology 121 as a prerequisite) with a minimum combined GPA in prerequisite courses of 2.7. A minimum of a “C” must be achieved in each prerequisite course.
  • Applicant must take science courses within 5 years of applying to the program; and all science courses must be 4 credits with on ground laboratory components (on ground waived during Covid pandemic). Grades will be averaged for any science course repeated within this time frame.
  • Applicant must attend a dental hygiene information session. Attendance will be verified with a certificate issued by the session presenter.
  • Applicant is encouraged to enroll in the Health Careers Pathway.
  • Applicant is encouraged to complete general education courses prior to applying to the program.

Application Process for Admission

The applicant must submit ALL of the following by the December 18th Deadline

  • All college transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation: professional or academic in nature
  • A personal statement: Please provide a comprehensive biographical sketch of no more than 250 words that includes information to assist the Admissions Committee in “getting to know you better.” Examples of information that might be included in your biographical sketch include but are not limited to: details regarding dental hygiene procedures you have observed, a description of community service projects in which you have participated, and information concerning your interests, abilities and attitudes that have motivated you to make the commitment required for a career in dental hygiene.”
  • Proof of a minimum of 4 hours of shadowing a licensed dental hygienist (waived during Covid pandemic)

In addition to the admission requirements prior to the start of the first semester of the program:

  • Applicant must complete a General Psychology, a 200 level Anatomy and Physiology II, Microbiology, and HLT *201 Nutrition for the Allied Health Professional with a grade of C or better. A minimum of a “C” must be achieved in each prerequisite course.  Students must complete First Year Experience or obtain a waiver.
  • If these courses are in progress at the time of interview, applicant must provide mid-terms grades for evaluation.
  • Final acceptance of the applicant is contingent upon successful completion of these courses.
  • Consideration is given to the number of college courses successfully completed.

Contact Us

Ashkhen Strack, Admissions Advisor

Program CoordinatorDr. Patricia Johnson