High School Partnership Program Criteria

The program is open in the Fall and Spring semesters only to high school juniors and seniors who have an overall “B” average, are recommended by their school counselor, and have appropriate placement scores. Recommended students will be eligible to take one course per semester free of charge (General Fund tuition and fees). Students taking on campus classes will be responsible for their transportation to campus and book expenses. Students taking online classes will be responsible for their book expenses.

Admission to individual classes is dependent upon space availability, budgetary funding and students having met any prerequisite requirements. Students will be notified by the Director of Admissions as to whether they are accepted into the class.

Application Process

Students may apply for this program through their high school counselor. Application information is sent directly to school counselors during each semester’s application cycle. See your counselor for application deadline dates.

Required application items follow and all must be submitted to be considered for this program:

  • A Tunxis College Application (parents signature required if under 18). No application fee required
  • A High School Partnership Application Form with signature of your school counselor
  • A current copy of your high school transcript
  • All applicants must take the College’s Placement Test in its entirety or submit proof of placement testing exemption.  For placement testing information, view the Academic Success & Tutoring Center information.

This is a semester-to-semester program, so students who are accepted into the program must renew an application each semester they wish to participate. When reapplying students must submit an updated high school transcript, a High School Partnership application, and recommendations. They do not have to retake the College’s Placement Test nor do they have to resubmit a Tunxis application.

Students from participating schools may pick up an application from their high school counseling office. Applications for fall programs will be available from April through June 1st. Applications for spring programs will be available from October through December 1st.

College Career Pathways

College Career Pathways is a national program that attempts to better connect high school students with college. The program was designed in the 1980s in an attempt to reach the middle majority of students who were not reaching their potential in high school.

A student at a public high school in the Tunxis Community College service area who is interested in the below career areas can apply during the first semester of 11th grade. Please check with your school counselor to see if you qualify for this program and to learn about the application process.

During 11th and 12th grade, students take courses that have been approved by the high school and Tunxis. Upon successful completion of the courses, students receive college credit for the courses completed in high school.

A Brief History of College Career Pathways (CCP)

Advanced Placement

Tunxis Community College grants credit for the completion of Advanced Placement (AP) exams with grades of 3 or better. Students who wish to transfer in credit from AP exams need to have the results of the exams forwarded directly to the Admissions Office and complete a “Transfer Credit Evaluation Request” form. Credit will be granted for equivalent Tunxis courses and applicable program requirements.

View the AP credit chart. (Pending academic approval in fall 2019)

For more information, contact the Admissions Office at 860.773.1490 or via email tx-admissions@tunxis.edu.