November 28, 2018 Melissa Lamar

An Important Message Regarding Tunxis Security Upgrades


From Dr. James Lombella, President of Tunxis—


A few years ago, the Board of Regents hired a security firm to do a risk assessment of the 12 Connecticut Community Colleges and recommend security improvements. With these recommendations in conjunction with other feedback received from students and staff over the past year, Tunxis has initiated a number of changes this fall to increase security on campus utilizing bond funding that was approved for campus security and safety projects.

As you may have noticed, security desks are now located in the lobbies of the 100 and 700 Buildings to check identification and help visitors sign in. All students and staff/faculty must wear ID badges on campus. If you do not have an ID badge yet, please visit the Computer Center.

The 200 Building back door to the parking lot is now locked from the outside so that it is exit-only. Soon, the secondary, “fishbowl” entrance to the 100 Building by the Registrar’s Office, and the faculty office doors on the end of the 100 Building that lead to the courtyard will also both be exit-only. We may make this entrance key card accessible for employees. Shades and blind installation is 90 percent complete in offices and other meeting and classroom spaces on campus.

An iron picket fence similar in style to those in place at many colleges and universities across the country, will be installed to secure our courtyard and enhance security. The courtyard area between the 700 Building and 100 Building faculty offices will have a swing gate for exiting the courtyard. A similar swing gate exit will be located between the 600 Building East entrance wing and back of the 200 Building, and between the 600 Building and 700 Building breezeway adjacent to Route 6.

These security updates were paid for with Board of Regents state of Connecticut bond funds. Security continues to be an important topic on all college campuses, including Tunxis, and we hope these measures will make our campus more secure for our students and greater college community.

If you have questions about the security updates, please contact Charles Cleary, Tunxis Dean of Administration, at 860.773.1302,


James P. Lombella, Ed.D.

President, Tunxis and Asnuntuck Community Colleges

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