New or returning students with a valid NetID and password can schedule an appointment to get a student ID, U-Pass or use a PC or Mac in the Computer Center by visiting the Bookings calendar.

If you need assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk.
Email: TX-IT-Helpdesk@txcc.commnet.edu. Phone: 860-773-1390

Returning students who already have their student ID and wish to have a U-Pass mailed to them should email ccleary@tunxis.edu.

Computer Lab Hours for Fall Semester – By Appointment
M-R 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
F 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Sat 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (in September, for bus passes and IDs, then remotely)

The Computer Center at Tunxis Community College is located right in the middle of the #300 Building. It is home to the Information Technology (IT) Department staff. Computer classrooms radiates from the center of the facility, and additional classrooms fan out across campus from there.

The Computer Center serves as the central point of contact for all constituents, as the use of technology continues to grow campus-wide. The goal of the IT Dept. is to meet the continuously changing technology needs of students, staff and faculty. Bringing new technology to users, maintaining existing equipment, and updating software as it is released are just a few of the responsibilities that rest with the IT staff, along with the support and training necessary to use the technology effectively The Computer Center’s Open Lab is a large general access facility for the benefit of everyone on campus.

The Open Lab has Windows and Macintosh computers with most academic applications installed for the benefit of students who want to work on assignments. There are flatbed scanners connected to selected Windows and Macintosh computers, digital tablets with the Macintosh computers, and both B&W and color laser printers. Radiating from the central Open Lab area are several classrooms fully equipped with computers for instructional use. Stepping outside the main facility, other computer classrooms are scattered around campus requiring the support of the IT staff.

There are computer classrooms in the #300 building, #600 building, #200 building, Library, Academic Success Center, and beyond. Even classrooms with standard desks for students have Instructor Workstations to enhance the learning environment.

For more information, contact the IT Department Help Desk at 860.773.1390.

Open Lab and Helpdesk Service Hours

Call for hours 860.773.1390