Library & Instructional Technologies (LIT) provides support in the duplication of professional presentation material for faculty, staff and students. In addition, we support portable equipment needed for classroom use.

Procedures for using LIT Services for Faculty & Staff

Procedures for Scanning of Information

Our LIT Lab (7-201) provides you with the tools necessary to scan paper or transparency originals, text or images, into a digital format. The ability to scan information will depend on the size and quality of the copy.  Please note, copyright restrictions apply (

  • We can only guarantee 80% accuracy for scanned documents. Verification and modifications are the responsibility of the requestor.

Media Equipment Storage, Reservation and Check Out/Check In Procedures

Our Circulation Desk maintains a Check Out/Check In system for equipment. Equipment should be reserved in advance to ensure availability. To reserve media equipment email Last minute and walk-in requests will be honored when possible, but reservations will be filled first.

College Personnel are required to pick-up (Check Out) and return (Check In) equipment as we do not have staff available for delivery of equipment. Equipment set-up requests for events are subject to staff availability and will be honored when possible.

Equipment taken off campus requires notification of the requestor’s immediate supervisor and is the responsibility of the individual checking out the equipment. Equipment being checked out must be used for College related work and is expected to be returned to LIT within two days of check out. If the equipment is not returned it will be reported to the Dean of Administration who will process the equipment as stolen property.

Check out/check in procedures:

  • College personnel must provide their Tunxis ID at time of check out
    • Students will NOT be allowed to retrieve equipment without the requesting staff members physical Tunxis ID card
  • College personnel will be responsible for returning equipment to the LIT Circulation Desk and are responsible for notifying a staff member of any noticeable problems with the equipment
  • LIT staff will process the equipment upon return

Custom Media Design Services

We provide custom media design for use in an online and on campus courses.

Instructional Design

We offer assistance with the following:

  • Instructional advice for designing and delivering online course content
  • Recommendations for course layout and methods of communication in online courses using the online course management system.
  • designing and setting up classroom resources such as lecture materials, course handouts and e-mail for on campus courses using Blackboard.

Media Development

Development of custom digital content
Many faculty use digital media in their classes. Material can be designed by LIT staff in the format that works best for a given situation.

Audio and Video Production
LIT staff are able to capture and edit audio or video from other sources and convert it to a digital format.

  • Video clips of copyrighted material may NOT exceed 10 percent of the work or three minutes whichever is less.
  • Audio clips of copyrighted material may NOT exceed 10 percent and no more than 30 seconds whichever is less.

To produce videos, there is a videographer on staff who can record an event, help edit the resulting footage, add titles, graphics and menus (subject to availability.)

  • To request filming email: at least one week prior to the scheduled event.

*Please note, copyright restrictions apply (

Request custom audio/video work from us

  • Send an email request with specific details to:
  • Please allow 3-5 weeks for custom audio/video requests (this time may vary based on the scope of the request).
  • When ready, LIT staff will:
    • will provide the requestor with a custom URL (or other instructions) that will provide access to materials from any location with internet connectivity.

Streaming Media
We support streaming media requests through a variety of resources for which the requestor has obtained copyright permissions. It is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure that the materials requested for storage on the streaming media server are not copyright protected.

  • To request streaming media services email: at least one week prior to the date that the media should be published.

*If file conversion or editing is required, the lead time may be increased and will be contingent upon the raw materials.

For more information, contact Adrianne Dunham, Director of Educational Technologies & Interim Director of Library Services.