The Academic Affairs division oversees all credit and developmental courses at the College. In addition, the division handles all academic issues and answers questions concerning curriculum, Early Childhood Center, faculty, library, and media instructional technology. This division coordinates scheduling of courses, faculty hiring, college catalog production, new program development, transfer articulation with other institutions and interface of all academic issues with the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education.

Faculty Handbook (PDF)

Department Chairs

BCAHM Department
(Biology, Chemistry, Allied Health, & Medical)
Dr. Robert Smith 860-773-1648
Business, Human and
Social Sciences Department
Dr. Francis Coan, Co-Chair
Jessica Waterhouse, Co-Chair
English and
Humanities Department
Debbie Bradford, Co-Chair
Marguerite Yawin, Co-Chair
STEAM Department Mathew Spinelli, Director 860-773-1672

Program Coordinators

Art/Photography Jackie Decker 860-773-1656
Business Administration Tatiana Machado 860-773-1628
Business Office and
Health Info Technology
Candace Carbone 860-773-1609
Computer Information Systems Mahendra Shah 860-773-1638
Criminal Justice Jessica Waterhouse 860-773-1646
Dental Assisting Gary Jacobs 860-773-1674
Dental Hygiene Patricia Johnson 860-773-1679
Graphic Design Stephen Klema 860-773-1620
Human Services Dr. Colleen Richard 860-773-1637
Early Childhood Education Joyce Voisine 860-773-1344
Liberal Arts & Sciences Peter DeNegre 860-773-1629
Pathways to Teaching Careers Susan Gentry 860-773-1651

Academic Discipline Coordinators

Art Peter DeNegre 860-773-1629
Mathematics Nicholas Stugard 860-773-1627


J.I. Abbot 860.773.1603
Erin Annecharico 860.773.1680
Kerry L. Beckford 860.773.1654
Andre Blaszczynski 60.773.1606
Debbie Bradford 860.773.1653
Candace Carbone 860.773.1609
Lisa Celona 860.773.1604
Jean-Marc Cenet 860.773.1610
Robert Clark 860.773.1612
Marie Clucas 860.773.1632
Francis Coan 860.773.1613
Jacqueline Decker 860.773.1656
Peter DeNegre 860.773.1629
Stephen Ersinghaus 860.773.1617
Angela Fierro 860.773.1634
Rafaele Fierro 860.773.1642
Carianne Garside 860.773.1647
Susan Gentry 860.773.1651
LaKisha Grant-Washington 860.773.1611
Rachel Green 860.774.1621
Robert Hadley 860.773.1618
Patrice Hamilton 860.773.1643
Alva Hanson 860.773.1650
Gary Jacobs 860.773.1674
Patricia Johnson 860.773.1679
Stephen Klema 860.773.1620
John Kriscenski 860.773.1622
David Lardie 860.773.1623
Lynn Laskowski 860.773.1644
Susan Lounsbury 860.773.1652
Tatiana Machado 860.773.1628
Kelly Mann 860.773.1636
Wendy McGrath 860.773.1605
Mark Milewski 860.773.1633
Hendree Milward 860.773.1649
Kirk Peters 860.773.1697
Asheka Rahman 860.773.1626
Colleen Richard 860.773.1637
Michelle Saindon 860.773.1655
James Schlatter 860.773.1645
Mahendra Shah 860.773.1638
Robert Smith 860.773.1648
Nicholas Stugard 860.773.1627
Sally Terrell 860.773.1639
Claudia Turcotte 860.773.1678
Joyce Voisine 860.773.1611
Jessica Waterhouse 860.773.1646
Rashida Williams 860.773.1619
Jennifer Wittke 860.773.1630
Karen Wosczyna-Birch 860.773.0608
Marguerite Yawin 860.773.1640
Marc Zimmerman 860.773.1624