On behalf of the management, faculty, and staff at Tunxis Community College – I want to welcome you!

We are glad that you have chosen Tunxis as the place to pursue your educational goals. There are numerous benefits to being a Tunxis student:
We provide a quality educational experience in a very supportive environment. Our institution also offers students: low tuition, smaller classes and personalized attention, access to technology and online learning, as well as the ability to learn skills that prepare you for the workforce, high-demand jobs and lifelong learning.

Tunxis is made up of a diverse population of hardworking students, faculty, and staff, all of whom are involved with and dedicated to making our campus a great place to study. Many of our deserving students earn a degree or certificate that transfers to the Connecticut State Universities and other private institutions where they go on to earn additional credentials. Regardless of your educational journey, Tunxis is the right place. To learn. To grow. And to flourish.

Tunxis helps develop future leaders. Many of our students find their voice by completing courses in a variety of academic disciplines, getting involved in many of our student lead clubs, programs and events, and utilizing many of the free student-centered services and resources.

As we embark on celebrating the college’s 50th Anniversary and its service to the community, as well as the 20th year of its satellite facility Tunxis@Bristol, I encourage you to visit our campus, meet with faculty and staff, and see how we can help you with becoming a part of the college’s next 50 years.

Wishing you a successful spring semester.

Dr. Darryl Reome
Campus CEO
Tunxis Community College