Tunxis is operating under special conditions:

As a precaution due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus), college buildings are currently closed and all classes will be held online-only starting Monday, March 23.

All students should check their student email and Blackboard Learn for directions from their individual instructors.  FULL INFORMATION HERE.

Sexual misconduct is a very serious issue and disproportionately affects college students, impeding their ability to participate fully in their studies. Sexual assault will not be tolerated at Tunxis Community College. Although our mission is to educate students, nothing is more important that student safety and well-being. The College aims to prevent and respond to sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, and sexual harassment through prevention education, collaboration, outreach, and advocacy. We are committed to taking a survivor-centered approach, which means that if a student is victimized, they are given the options and make the decisions about what services they would like to access and whether or not they would like to report the incident. Our commitment is to create a community that is safe and supportive of people of all gender and sexual identities.