August 10, 2017 Kenneth Colangelo

Certified Nurse Aide Competency Exam Review

This review may be for you if:

  • your CNA certification has expired and you wish to re-take the state competency exam;
  • you recently completed a CNA program and want to review before the state exam;
  • you failed the written and/or skills portion of the competency exam, and wish to review before re-taking the test;
  • you have successfully completed a course or courses comprising not less than 100 hours of theoretical and clinical instruction in an approved LPN or RN education program.

The written review covers geriatric resident care and the role of the CNA. The skills session provides CNA skills practice in a supervised lab.

Course Offering

Students may be accommodated on a customized basis.  Please contact Cheryl Conaty, RN, at 860 773-1453 for information.

Admission Requirements

Program Coordinator: Cheryl Conaty