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December 15, 2015 Kenneth Colangelo

Computer Information Systems

Provides students with a broad range of information skills and technology. Students gain theoretical and technical knowledge in the areas of programming, networking, operating systems, systems analysis, and application software, as outlined in the Association for Computing Machinery degree guidelines. This degree prepares students for employment in today’s rapidly-changing information technology field.

Program Coordinator: Mahendra Shah

First Semester
Course #TitleCredits
CSS-101 First Year Experience 3
CSC*101 Introduction to Computers (a) 3
CSC*126 Programming Logic & Design with Visual Basic 3
CST*130 Network Essentials (a) 3
ENG*101 Composition (a) 3
Second Semester
CSC*231 Database Design I (a) 3
CST*210 Operating Systems I (a) 3
MAT*165 Elementary Statistics with Computer Application (a) 4
  Computer Programming Elective (from CSC*208/213/214/220/221) 3
Select one of the following courses:
COM*172 Interpersonal Communication (a) or  
COM*173 Public Speaking (a) or  
ENG*106 Writing for Business (a) 3
Third Semester
CSC*250 Systems Analysis and Design (a) 3
  Directed Elective (a)(b) (from CSA*, CSC*, CST*) 3
  Directed Elective (a)(b) (from CSA*, CSC*, CST*) 3
  Directed Elective (a)(b) (from CSA*, CSC*, CST*) 3
  Social Science Elective (from ANT*, ECN*, GEO*, POL*, PSY*, SOC*) 3
Fourth Semester
CSC*292 Practicumin Computer Science (a) 3
  Directed Elective (a)(b) (from CSA*, CSC*, CST*) 3
  Computer Programming Elective (from CSC*208/213/214/220/221) 3
  Fine Arts Elective 3
(ART*, COM*154, COM*167, DGA*, GRA*, NMC*, MUS*, THR*)
  Science Elective (c) (from AST*, BIO*, CHE*, EAS*, EVS*, MET*, OCE*, PHY*) 3-4

(a) Prerequisite and/or co-requisite required.
(b) To be selected in consultation with faculty advisor based on student’s program of study.
(c) Students intending to transfer to a four-year program should take a 4-credit lab science.


Computer Information Systems (A.S. Degree) Program Abilities:
Upon successful completion of all courses in the program, the Computer Information Systems student will have demonstrated the following abilities:
1. produce a simple database design and implement database applications using standard query language
2. create, publish and maintain a web site
3. solve computer-related problems
4. apply the use of the Program Development Life Cycle
5. practical knowledge of a high-level programming language such as Java, C++, or Visual Basic
6. analyze and design computer systems using the information system life cycle phases
7. synthesize computer information systems knowledge and skills in solving basic information processing systems problems
8. understand the components of an operating system
9. install, administer, and maintain an operating system
10. knowledge of industry standard networking and communication technology
11. analyze and evaluate a networking scenario and recommend appropriate solutions

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