December 15, 2015 James Revillini

Early Childhood Education

Provides students with the skills and competencies necessary to work effectively with young children, birth through age eight, in the field of professional childcare and education. The program will prepare qualified students for positions as teachers and assistant teachers in a variety of early childhood settings. Instruction is designed to be practical for prospective teachers as well as individuals already in the field. In addition, the program will prepare students for academic work at the baccalaureate level.

Program Coordinator: Joyce Voisine, 860.773.1344

First Semester
Course #TitleCredits
CSS-101 First Year Experience 3
ECE*101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education (a) 3
ECE*176 Health, Safety and Nutrition (a) 3
ENG*101 Composition (a) 3
PSY*111 General Psychology I (a) 3
Second Semester
ECE*103 Creative Experiences/Children (a) 3
ENG*114 Children’s Literature (a) 3
MAT*141 Number Systems (a) 3
PSY*203 Child Development (a) 3
  Science Elective with Laboratory (a) (from AST*, BIO*, CHE*, EVS*, OCE*, PHY*) 4
Third Semester
COM*172 Interpersonal Communication (a) 3
ECE*210 Observation, Participation and Seminar (a) 3
ECE*215 The Exceptional Learner (a) 3
ECE*231 Early Language and Literacy Development (a) 3
PSY*220 Educational Psychology (a) 3
Fourth Semester
ECE*275 Child, Family and School Relations (a) 3
ECE*295 Student Teaching (a)(e) 6
  Directed Elective (b) (from ECE*106, ECE*109, ECE*141, ECE*241) 3
  Directed Elective (b) (from HIS*201, HIS*202, PSY*243, SOC*101) 3
(Students transferring to a 4-year institution should take HIS*201
or HIS*202.)
  Fine Arts Elective (from ART*, COM*154, COM*167, DGA*, GRA*, NMC*, MUS*, THR*) 3

(a) Prerequisite and/or co-requisite required.
(b) To be selected in consultation with faculty advisor based on student’s program of study.
(e) Thirty hours of approved course work that includes Introduction to Early Childhood Education (ECE*101), Creative
Experiences/Children (ECE*103); Health, Safety & Nutrition,(ECE*176); Observation, Participation and Seminar (ECE*210);
The Exceptional Learner (ECE*215); Early Language and Literacy Development (ECE*231); Child Development (PSY*203)
and Educational Psychology (PSY*220). Additionally, a physical examination by a doctor is required prior to starting Student
Teaching (ECE*295). Signature of Program Coordinator is required.

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