April 19, 2018 Kenneth Colangelo

Electronics Controls

This two-semester certificate program provides detailed knowledge of electrical and electronics principles as applied to the design and operation of modern, high-speed manufacturing and assembly equipment. Completing this certificate will provide you the requisite skill set to troubleshoot electrical and electronics problems within the manufacturing environment.

Semester 1

MFG 133 Mathematics for Electricity & Electronics
MFG 137 Circuit Theory I
MFG 138 Digital Fundamentals
MFG 139 Circuit Theory II
MFG 140 Robotics

Semester 2

MFG 142 Electronic Circuits & Devices
MFG 143 Industrial Motor Controls
MFG 170 Introduction To Automated Manufacturing
MFG 146 Programmable Logic Controllers
MFG 147 Microprocessors & Controllers

Contact: Chris LaPorte

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