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December 14, 2015 Kenneth Colangelo

Graphic Design

Offers an education in graphic design communications, using processes and technologies relevant to the professional design environment. Students develop skills in visual literacy, problem solving, image creation, typography, layout, publication, design, and graphic arts production.

Program Coordinator: Jacqueline Decker

First Semester
Course #TitleCredits
ART*111 Drawing I 3
CSS-101 First Year Experience 3
ENG*101 Composition (a) 3
GRA*101 Design Principles 3
GRA*110 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3
Second Semester
ART*112 Drawing II (a) 3
GRA*200 Visual Communications (a) 3
GRA*231 Digital Imaging (a) 3
  Humanities Elective (d) 3
  Mathematics Elective (a) (from MAT*135 or above) 3-4
Third Semester
GRA*201 Typography and Design I (a) 3
GRA*236 Digital Illustration (a) 3
  Directed Studio Elective (b) (from ART*109-156, ART*211-284, DGA*, GRA*, NMC*) 3
  Science Elective (c) (from AST*, BIO*, CHE*, EAS*, EVS*, MET*, OCE*, PHY*) 3-4
Select one of the following courses:
ART*100 Art Appreciation or  
  Art History Elective (e) (from ART*101/102/103/201/205) 3
Fourth Semester
ART*122 Three-Dimensional Design 3
GRA*203 Design and Production (a) 3
GRA*205 Typography and Design II (a) 3
  Directed Studio Elective (b) (from ART*109-156, ART*211-284, DGA*, GRA*, NMC*) 3
  Social Science Elective (from ANT*, ECN*, GEO*, POL*, PSY*, SOC*) 3

(a) Prerequisite and/or co-requisite required.
(b) To be selected in consultation with faculty advisor based on student’s program of study.
To be selected from ART*109-ART*156, ART*211-ART*284, DGA* GRA*.
(c) Students intending to transfer to a four-year program should take a 4-credit lab science.
(d) To be selected from courses in ART*, ANT*, CHI*, COM*, ENG*, ESL*143 or above, FRE*, HIS*, ITA* LAT*, LAW*, LIN*,
MUS*, NMC*, PHL*, PLH*, POL*, Religious Studies, RUS*, SPA*, THR*.
(e) Students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate program should take an Art History course

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