July 12, 2017 Rafaele Fierro

Political Science Studies

The transfer ticket in Political Science provides students with a seamless transition from Tunxis to a four-year state school. Take the basic courses in Political Science at Tunxis such as American Government, combined with general electives and directed electives in consultation with your advisor, for a direct path to a Connecticut state school. The transfer ticket will allow you to complete your associate’s degree and your bachelor’s degree quickly so that students can graduate in a timely manner. While you earn your degrees, you can become involved in one of the many campus clubs that pertain to Political Science majors such as the Student Government Association and the Student Newspaper. There are also great opportunities to become civic-minded by joining as a volunteer the Civic Engagement Institute, a campus organization devoted to community-based activity. There are also opportunities to start a political club on campus designed to allow students to discuss contemporary political issues with civility and respect for multiple points of view.

Contact: Rafaele Fierro

A merger of Connecticut's 12 community colleges is underway. As a part of this merger, modifications will be made to academic programs. Students who do not complete their programs by the end of the Spring 2023 term will be matched with the Connecticut State Community College (CT State) program that most closely aligns with the student's Spring 2023 program and is offered at the current Tunxis Community College location. The College is committed to students completing their education with a minimum of disruption. Further details can be found and will be updated on the Frequently Asked Questions page: ct.edu/ctstate/academics.