February 14, 2017 Kenneth Colangelo


(February 8, 2017) Today, the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) learned that a 4.4% cut to the system is being proposed in the 2018 biennium budget by Governor Malloy. This represents a decrease of approximately $25 million to the total allocation that includes fringe benefits. In response, CSCU President Mark Ojakian made the following statement:
“Our state has faced significant fiscal challenges for some time and there was no indication that this year would be different. Over the last year and a half, we have made many tough decisions to live within our means while always putting our students first. However, responding year after year by cutting costs and services is not a viable solution to the shrinking budgets we know exist in the foreseeable future. We must do our part to develop a long-term plan for our system that is realistic, predictable and sustainable in the future and provides our students the opportunities they need and deserve.”
 CSCU educates 45% of Connecticut’s college-age population
 There are 85,000 students in the CSCU system; 96% are from Connecticut
 Almost 75% are employed in the state within 9 months of graduation
 Graduates from CSCU certificate programs experience a wage earning increase of 38%-56%, Associate degree graduates see a wage increase of 61%-70%

For Immediate Release: February 8, 2017
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