June 5, 2014 James Revillini

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Tunxis invites the community to a guest lecture by Michael Halal, former senior vice president at Citi, and now a quality assurance manager at a leading professional services automation software company, on “There’s No App That’s the Same Thing as a Good Idea,” on Thursday, June 5 at 7 p.m. in Room 6-127.

Halal maintains that without a strong foundation in liberal arts, solid writing skills, robust critical thinking, genuinely empathetic interpersonal skills, moorings in human history and traditions, and a caliber of work ethic, the companies that young professionals run or support will not compete in the long run with the global firms that honor and practice these universals. Halal wants to prepare ambitious young people for what happens when the game is over and they must adapt—and indeed, no app will be a substitute for original and thoroughly considered ideas and deeds. He will share mind-and character-strengthening principles that will serve young Americans and their managers in the ever-changing marketplace.

For more information, call 860.773.1603 or email jabbot@tunxis.edu.



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