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Late Start Classes – September 9 through December 15

CRN Class Code Class Title Day(s) Time Location Instructor Credits
3208 ACC*271 Intermediate Accounting I (a) Online Online Muccino, K 3
3691 ART*100 Art Appreciation Online Online Garside, C 3
3216 ART*111 Drawing I ($) F 9:00A-1:15P 6-224 Jacobs, GA 4
3232 BIO*111 Introduction to Nutrition (a) M 6:30-9:30P LRON Wosczyna-Birch, K 3
3031 BBG*101 Introduction to Business Online Online Mangum, G 3
3609 BFN*110 Personal Finance Online Online Mugno, G 3
3499 CHE*111 Concepts of Chemistry (b)($) Online Online Dhar, V 3
3500 CHE*111 Concepts of Chemistry (b)(M) F (lab) 11:30A-1:35P 6-148 Dhar, V 2
3068 COM*173 Public Speaking (a) Online Online Pittman, K 3
3287 CSA*105 Introduction to Software Applications Online 3-CL3 Kronen, J 3
3807 ENG*101 Composition (a) Online Online Jarvis, K 3
3798 HIS*201 U.S. History I (a) Online Online Szablewicz, J 3
3416 MAT*095 Elementary Algebra Foundations (a)(d) M/W 10:00-11:30A 6-180 Page, L 3
3149 MAT*137 Intermediate Algebra (a) Online Online Progonati, N 3
3426 MAT*137L Intermediate Algebra for the Liberal Arts (a) M/W 1:00-2:30P 6-127 Smiarowski, A 3
3183 PSY*111 General Psychology I (a) R 6:30-9:30P 6-278 Mulz, S 3
3195 SOC*101 Principles of Sociology (a) Online Online Wisniewski, L 3
3196 SOC*101 Principles of Sociology (a) Online Online Garvin, M 3

Seven-Week Classes – First Session – August 26 through October 13

CRN Class Code Class Title Days(s) Time Location Instructor Credits
3026 BIO*111 Introduction to Nutrition (a) Online Online Sullivan, R 3
3037 BBG*231 Business Law I (a)* Online Online Fierro, A 3
3040 BBG*240 Business Ethics (a)* Online Online Dillon, S 3
3044 BFN*201 Principles of Finance (a)* Online Online Paulone, S 3
3270 CSS-101 First Year Experience (a)** T/R 5:00-6:15P 6-214 McCarthy, A 3
3272 CSS-101 First Year Experience (a) T/R/online 10:00-11:15A 6-214 Yawin, M 3
3061 CSS-101 First Year Experience (a) Online Online Mangum, G 3
3089 CJS*101 Introduction to Criminal Justice Online Online Buckley, M 3
3092 CJS*106 Introduction to Homeland Security Online Online Gran, B 3
3096 CJS*220 Criminal Investigation (a) Online Online Fox, J 3
3125 ENG*101 Composition (a) Online Online Beckford, K 3
3155 MAT*137L Intermediate Algebra for the Liberal Arts (a) Online Online Elsafty, S 3
3180 PSY*111 General Psychology I (a) Online Online Mulz, S 3
3202 SPA*111 Elementary Spanish I Online Online Celona, L 4

* Complete your Business Administration course requirements in half the time with this new seven-week online class! This class will offer the same intensity of work as a summer class.

** Career Planning Focus

Seven-Week Classes – Second Session – October 20 through December 8

CRN Class Code Class Title Days(s) Time Location Instructor Credits
3034 BBG*115 Business Software Applications (a) Online Online Chrzanowski, P 3
3041 BBG*290 Business Program Capstone (a) Online Online Mugno, G 1
3633 BMG*202 Principles of Management (a) Online Online Carlin, M 3
3050 BMK*201 Principles of Marketing (a) Online Online Machado, T 3
3091 CJS*102 Introduction to Corrections Online Online Davis, A 3
3093 CJS*158 Intelligence Analysis and Security Management Online Online Gran, B 3
3097 CJS*243 Institutional Treatment of the Offender (a) Online Online Torres, E 3
3298 ECE*101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education (a) Online Online McGrath, W 3
3407 HSE*101 Introduction to Human Services (a) R 5:00-7:55P 6-272 Keach-Longo, G 3
3162 MAT*167 Principles of Statistics (a) Online Online Zering, J 3
3604 POL*201 Democracy & Citizenship in Contemporary America (a) T/R 10:00A-12:55P LRON Fierro, R 3
3181 PSY*111 General Psychology I (a) Online Online Boccaccio, B 3


(a) Indicates that prerequisite or co-requisite to courses as listed in the course description must be met prior to registering.

(o) Student must attend laboratory, clinic, clinic seminar or computer component associated with this course. This component may/may not require additional time
outside scheduled class.

(d) Developmental courses do not satisfy English or mathematics credit requirements and cannot be counted as college credit for graduation or for transfer to another institution. Student will not be allowed to take credit level English/mathematics while enrolled in these courses.

($) Supplemental Course Fee 1.

($$) Supplemental Course Fee 2.

(M} Material Fee.

(4) Advanced Manufacturing Materials Fee.

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