Reception Celebrates Art Installation at Tunxis

March 24, 2014
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March 24, 2014 James Revillini

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Artist Brad Guarino is shown second from right at the reception as he points out part of the installation.

Artist Brad Guarino is shown second from right at the reception as he points out part of the installation.

An opening reception for the new public art installation “Passing Through,” was held recently at Tunxis Community College in Farmington.

“The theme of ‘Passing Through’ is of a hiker trek—a community of people on a common path overcoming obstacles, searching, helping one another,” said artist Brad Guarino of the 50 life-sized stainless steel silhouette figures he created of Tunxis students and alumni that are installed in various locations on the walls of the College’s 600 Building. “This trek is a metaphor for the educational experience, for negotiating barriers and leaving the past behind en route to a better future.”

A total of 33 Tunxis participants modeled for the silhouettes, some of whom are represented twice. The 31 students and alumni shown were selected through an essay competition in which they were asked to discuss their journey to Tunxis. Tunxis President Cathryn Addy, Ph.D. and professor of English emeritus Edward Ifkovic, Ph.D., author of “A Bend in the River: Voices from a Community College, 1970-2000,” are also immortalized in silhouette.

Those students and alumni who participated are listed by town of residence below:


Damian Jovanovic

Andrea Marseglia


Chris LaPorte

Courtney M. Mangum

Javoz Mead

Susie Petke Rotondo

David Ventrella


Daniel P. Bereza


Greg Weed


Stephen Manning

Amanda Imelda Scagliola

Hope Faith Storrs


Scott Wilmot


Taylor Chambers

Harleigh Wider

New Britain

Jason Bounkhoun

Nichole Grant

Brandon Haas

Kenneth Haas


Justine DePaolis

George Hairston

Alysha Mitchell

Tom Ratliff

Katy Scotella


Samantha Crowley


Antonio Negron


Naomi Lemire

Marc Verderame


Jacob Daniel Cohen


Anela Turkovic


Amanda Whalen

Silhouettes of Tunxis participants and their stories can be viewed on the Tunxis website at

“Passing Through” was commissioned by the state of Connecticut during the 600 Building Extension construction project, in compliance with a Connecticut law which states that 1% of the cost of construction or major renovation of publicly accessible state buildings be allocated for the commission or purchase of artworks. For more on the College’s multi-phase campus expansion, visit








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