February 7, 2012 James Revillini

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Tunxis Community College is officially in the second of a multi-phase campus expansion project, with completion of Phase II expected in summer 2013. The completed project will expand the campus to 292,000 square feet.

Phase II will include construction of a 56,000-square-foot three-story classroom building and add approximately 19 classrooms to campus.

Currently, as site work continues new lines are being laid for drainage, sewage, and water. In March, the crew will start digging footings for the foundation of the new building.

The estimated cost for Phase II construction is approximately $12.6 million, which was approved by the State Bond Commission at its meeting on July 29, 2011.

A formal ceremony celebrating the groundbreaking will be scheduled as soon as possible.

The public is invited to view ongoing campus expansion updates—containing information, images and video—which are posted on the College’s website at tunxis.commnet.edu. Questions or comments can be e-mailed to JLodovico@tunxis.edu.

Tunxis is located at the junction of Routes 6 and 177 in Farmington. Call Tunxis at 860.773.1300.



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