Learning Strategies Workshops

Let’s Strategize!

Learning Strategy Sessions are here to help!

Individualized one-on-one sessions, free to students enrolled in credit classes at Tunxis Community College. Each session lasts 30-45 minutes. To sign-up, please see contact information for each workshop topic below.

We’re Open, Online!

The Academic Success & Tutoring Center has moved online! Learning Strategies Workshops will utilize Microsoft Teams, which is included as a part of Office 365 (where you check your student email). You can view training videos on Microsoft Teams at tunxis.edu/teamstutoring (log in with your NetID, just as you would for myCommNet or Blackboard).

You may still schedule appointments for these workshops by emailing the contact person for the workshops listed below.

Workshop Topics

Priority 4: Time Management

Sometimes reassessing your priorities can make a world of difference. Use Stephen Covey’s 4 Quadrants to organize and plan ahead for papers, exams, and other important commitments. (7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
To schedule this workshop contact Cathy Felice at 860.773.1524 or cfelice@tunxis.edu.

SFL (Strategies to Facilitate Learning)

Speed-up effectiveness and use mapping to organize textbook information! Also learn about “think 7” & memory techniques for rehearsing and spot-checking memory.
To schedule this workshop contact Cathy Felice at 860.773.1524 or cfelice@tunxis.edu.

Test Taking Strategies

Do you freak out when you see the words “test” or “quiz”? There’s no need! Discover some great test taking tips to help you relax and do your best.
To schedule this workshop contact Amanda Burkhart at 860.773.1527 or aburkhart@tunxis.edu.

Visual Learners-Brainstorm and Pre-Write

Use Inspiration Writing Software to jump start the writing process. Pre-write, brainstorm, organize notes, and create a study guide using Inspiration!
To schedule this workshop contact Cathy Felice at 860.773.1524 or cfelice@tunxis.edu.

Organize It! Writing Workshop

Learning how to write at the college level can involve high levels of organization. In this workshop, we explore different ways to set up a paper, from beginning to end, so that it has flow and makes sense.
To schedule this workshop contact Joseph Sokola at 860.773.1537 or jsokola@tunxis.edu.

The How-To of Learning Math

Student feedback has shown these techniques work! Come prepared with your textbook for this hands-on learning session.
To schedule this workshop contact Mohamed Mountassir at 860.773.1528. mmountassir@tunxis.edu.

For more information, contact the Academic Success & Tutoring Center at 860.773.1530 or tx-asc@tunxis.edu.