Tunxis is operating under special conditions:

As a precaution due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus), college buildings are currently closed and all classes will be held online-only starting Monday, March 23.

All students should check their student email and Blackboard Learn for directions from their individual instructors.  FULL INFORMATION HERE.

Check the Status of a Financial Aid Application

  1. Log in to my.commnet.edu
  2. Select ‘Banner Self-Service’
  3. Select ‘Financial Aid’

Do we need more info from you?

Sometimes information may be missing from your file, or we may require additional documentation.

  1. Log in to my.commnet.edu
  2. Select ‘Banner Self-Service’
  3. Select ‘Financial Aid’
  4. Select ‘Eligibility Requirements’
  5. Select ‘Current Award Year’
  6. Documents required to complete your file will appear under the heading “unsatisfied documents.” Any documents that are underlined are available for you to click on and download them for printing. Please bring/mail these items to the Financial Aid Services Office.

To view your financial aid decision

  1. Select Award Package
  2. Select 2nd tab ‘Award Overview’ for source and semester breakdown

Your financial aid decision will be posted on this page. All awards assume fulltime enrollment.

For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid Services, at 860.773.1422.