Computer Center and Computer Classrooms

Computer Center – Building #300

The Computer Center at Tunxis Community College is home to the Information Technology (IT) Department. The IT Dept. manages student, staff and faculty computers throughout the college and at Tunxis@Bristol. Hardware and software installation, maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting are critical components of the work handled by the technical staff of the Department. But the scope of work does not stop there. Here are some of the services provided by the staff of the IT Department.

  • Maintain and support users of the Open Lab (students, faculty, and staff)
  • Maintain and support Windows and Macintosh computer classrooms
  • IT Help Desk (x31390 or tx-IT-helpdesk ) addresses technology issues in all classrooms, and is the first contact for general campus-wide issues
  • NetID lookup and password resets
  • Telecommunications services (phone, voicemail, and fax)
  • Maintain instructor stations for all classrooms (including the multimedia technology that is connected)
  • Staff and faculty computer hardware and software
  • Photo IDs for all groups
  • Maintenance, upgrading and troubleshooting of network services and connections
  • Maintenance and monitoring of wireless (WIFI) network access across the campus
  • Backup of critical data and archival email services
  • Training documentation, training workshops, and related assistance
  • Maintain computing functions in the Tunxis@Bristol site

Computer Center – Open Lab

The Computer Center’s Open Lab is a large general access facility for the benefit of everyone on campus. The Open Lab has Windows and Macintosh computers with most academic applications installed for the benefit of students who want to work on assignments. There are flatbed scanners connected to selected Windows and Macintosh computers, digital tablets with the Macintosh computers, and both B&W and color laser printers.

The Open Lab is also the main base for the IT Help Desk. IT Help Desk technicians are available to assist with technical issues, and one-on-one training assistance may be scheduled for basic support.

The Computer Center Open Lab is where ID Cards are printed and issued. For help with NetID lookup and password resets, the Open Lab is the place to come as well.

Computer Center – Open Lab Hours

Spring and Fall Semester Schedule

Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 9:30pm

Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm

There are currently no weekend hours

Summer and Semester Break Schedules

Generally the hours of operation when there are no scheduled classes are 8:00am – 4:00pm, but the schedule may vary depending on scheduled activities on campus. Check the posted schedule at the Computer Center for the current schedule and special hours of operation or call 860-773-1390.

Computer Classrooms

Adjacent to the Computer Center are several classrooms fully equipped with computers for instructional use. Most computer classrooms have 24 student workstations, a B&W laserjet printer, and a multimedia instructor station.

  • Three classrooms are located inside the Computer Center: CL2 (seats 27), CL3, CL4
  • CL5 offers hours for ePortfolio training and support, and occasional general class scheduling
  • Across the hallway are Computer Rooms 3-314, 3-321 and 3-322
  • Room 3-307 is the Physics and multi-purpose Lab
  • Room 2-203 is a 30-seat computer classroom
  • Room 2-204 holds classes in ESL and Language Arts
  • On the first floor of the #600 building are Computer Rooms 6-174 and 6-178
  • Two Macintosh-computer-based labs are located on the second floor of the #600 building in rooms 6-227 and 6-228. These two labs are dedicated to support of the Fine Arts and Graphics Arts programs.

Fine Arts Lab – Room 6-227 – Open Hours

Room 6-227 will be open for student access based on scheduling availability. Check schedules posted outside the Fine Arts Lab or at the Computer Center.

Graphics Lab – Room 6-228 – Open Hours

Room 6-228 will be open for student access based on scheduling availability. Check schedules posted outside the Graphics Lab or at the Computer Center.

Library and Academic Success Center

Each of these areas has at least 1 dedicated computer classroom for directed studies. The rooms are maintained by their department personnel.

Available Classroom Software

Software installed in computer classrooms and the Computer Center includes the full range of applications being taught at the College. Most rooms are identical, although a few specialty applications are restricted to selected rooms. This makes it easy to sit in any computer classroom on campus and find the application you need.

Software Available to Staff and Faculty

Staff and Faculty are provided with a basic toolset of applications which are generally sufficient for most purposes. The core software suite is Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote). SCT BANNER is the Enterprise MIS program for managing most student and business data, and Blackboard is the core application used as a learning management system (LMS) for online teaching support. Digication provides a platform for additional course development and a archive for housing students’ ePortfolio work.

Some offices use additional applications for special needs. Staff or faculty may make a request to the Technology Resources Committee for software applications outside the normal toolset.


For more information, contact the IT Department Help Desk at 860.773.31390.

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