IT Department Staff

Robert Wahl860.773.1381Director of Information Technology
Peter Haffner860.773.1382Assistant Director of Information Technology
Steven Mead860.773.1384Coordinator of Academic Information Technology
Luis Neves860.773.1385IT Analyst 2
Obed Delancy860.773.1386IT Analyst 2
Susan Rogowski 860.773.1387IT Analyst 2
David Wright860.773.1389IT Technician
Daren Casey860.773.1391IT Analyst 2
Robert Lavin 860.773.1388IT Technician II
Karen Okenquist860.773.1383Administrative Assistant
IT HelpDesk860.773.1390 
 Department Function: The Information Technology Staff provides support for both academic and administrative users. Our goal is to make the use of College computers and software as trouble-free as possible. Users are encouraged to report problems to our Help Desk at 860.773.1390 so that an IT HelpDesk associate or staff member can help them resolve it promptly.