Saving Paper and Saving the Environment

Student Printing Limits Effective Summer 2009

In an effort to encourage conservation of paper, Tunxis introduced printing limits for students beginning with the Summer 2009 semester.

As a student, you have an account created which provides you with a starting balance of $25.00, which was determined to be a reasonable amount for the semester. Pages are printed at the rate of $.05 for B&W copies or $.25 for color copies. Note that printing double-sided saves paper but still counts as 2 pages toward your balance. It is possible to check your remaining balance any time you are logged in using the on-screen icon. If you are approaching your limit, you may purchase additional pages in $5.00 increments. Limit changes may take up to 48 hours to become effective.

Do your part to protect the environment.
Think before you print! Do you really need this in hardcopy?

Conserve paper and limit your printing to essential documents.

Thank you.


If you need more information about printing at Tunxis, contact the IT Help Desk at 860.773.1390.

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