Unauthorized copying or installation of software violates the Federal Copyright Act of 1976. As a state agency, the Tunxis IT Department is required to maintain positive control of software, including compliance with state inventory procedures. That means that we are held accountable to prove ownership of all software installed on college computers. The following guidelines provide an overview of software related services on campus.

    1. Technology Resources Committee of the PSO is the body which approves software purchases. Forms for requesting software purchase and more detailed procedures are available here.
    2. The College maintains a standard toolset of software applications required for employees to perform their jobs. This standard is established by the Technology Resources Committee. Having a standard allows the IT Department to more effectively provide support.
    3. All software should be installed by the IT Department. Please do not install your own software on your college computer, even if it is a companion CD provided with a textbook.
    4. All software should be purchased in cooperation with the IT Department. This allows us to properly log all purchases and maintain required documentation.
    5. Classroom software is ONLY installed during semester breaks in the summer and winter. Testing and distribution of software is a complex process that takes weeks to complete. In order to insure that classrooms machines continue to work correctly for the most users, WE DO NOT INSTALL SOFTWARE after the start of the term. This would create a risk of introducing possible conflicts that could disrupt software used by others.

For more information, contact  the IT Department Help Desk at 860.773.1390.