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December 13, 2015
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Computer Information Systems Degree

Provides students with a broad range of information skills and technology. Students gain theoretical and technical knowledge in the areas of programming, networking, operating systems, systems analysis, and application software, as outlined in the Association for Computing Machinery degree guidelines.

Computer Information Systems: Computer Programming Option Degree

This degree provides students with a competitive edge through instruction in the most current object-oriented programming methodologies and the opportunity to pursue a career in computer programming.

Computer Information Systems: Network Administration Option Degree

Provides strong theoretical knowledge of Computer Information Systems and prepares students for positions in the field of network administration and support. This curriculum provides specialized knowledge in the areas of network design, operating systems, and system administration.

Computer Science/Mathematics (Honors) Degree

Intellectually motivated students planning on pursuing a bachelor’s degree with the intention of going into the Computer Science field or becoming a high school mathematics teacher would be interested in this program.


Certificate in Computer Programming

Provides the skills to solve problems in business, science, and mathematics utilizing object-oriented methodology and graphical user interface design. This certificate can lead to entry-level programming positions using C++, Visual Basic and /or Java.

Certificate in Microcomputer Processing

Provides training in basic microcomputer applications such as word processing, spreadsheet applications, database applications and presentation graphics, as well as in networking and the Internet. Certificate can lead to entry-level positions in desktop support services including help desk and training positions, entry-level software maintenance, or entry-level network operating system support.

Certificate in Network Administration

Provides the skills in the areas of network design, local and wide area networks, network operating systems and networking administration. This certificate responds to the growing importance of networking in the business world.

Computer Information System Courses

Introduction to Computers
Programming Logic and Design with Visual Basic
Operating Systems
Network Essentials
Web Design and Development
Database Design
Systems Analysis and Design[/one-half][one-half last]Unix/Linux System Administration
Network Security
Fundamentals C++ Programming
Java Programming
Visual Basic Programming
Coop Ed/Work Experience

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