Spring at Tunxis Community College

At Tunxis Community College, we are committed to helping you achieve your educational goals. No matter what your goal may be—from pursuing a degree and transferring credits to a bachelor’s degree program, to preparing for a career in a growing field, or just taking a few courses—you’ll gain the foundation you need to reach your goals at Tunxis.

Tunxis faculty and staff have updated our course offerings to reflect the safest and most effective way to deliver our quality educational opportunities. The different delivery methods currently noted on our course schedule include:

  1. TRAD (Traditional): These courses will be delivered on campus at a specific time, place, and location. The use of Blackboard will occur from the start of the course in case a campus shutdown has to occur.
  2. ONLN (Online): All instruction and assessment is delivered asynchronously through Blackboard—often in conjunction with publisher-based content. These courses include discussion boards, assignments, projects, assessments, etc. However, courses designated as “Online with Classroom Component” (OLCR) may require an on-ground orientation and/or proctored assessments, although all instruction must be online/asynchronous.
  3. LRON (Live/Remote Online Courses): LRON courses are fully online, but students will be required to sign in remotely and interact with their professor and/or classmates on the days and times noted in the myCommNet schedule. Students will participate in live online sessions through Blackboard Collaborate, MS Teams or WebEx, with specific information provided by individual faculty members.
  4. HYBR (Hybrid): Course held both on-campus and online (a combination of 1&2 or 1&3) with a focus on scheduling class sessions on campus.

Synchronous teaching and learning happens in real time, on a certain day and time, in person in a classroom, or in a virtual environment like WebEx, Teams, or Blackboard Collaborate. Participants listen and respond to each other within the live, online meeting.

Asynchronous means you do not meet in person at the same time or in the same room/virtual meeting. You login to Blackboard or a publisher’s website to access content, and complete assigned activities or assessments at a time of your choosing. You will complete those activities according to the course syllabus schedule or posted due dates.

Please be assured that we have everyone’s safety first and foremost in our minds. As this pandemic subsides, we will begin to have more individuals and activities on our campus.

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