Student Resources

On-Campus Space for LRON Classes

For those students taking a Fall ’21 LRON course who want/need to attend their live class sessions remotely from the Tunxis campus, we have several options available.

If students need to use a Tunxis computer: 

  1. A computer lab classroom (headphones are available), available during all Computer Lab open hours
  2. Computer Classroom 3-314, open during all college open hours
  3. Library Collaboration Room (click here to reserve a collaboration room), available during all Library open hours, as well as the Library Classroom from 4-8 p.m.

If students have their own laptop: 

  1. The Tunxis Room in the 600 Building (both first and second floors), available during all college open hours
  2. Classrooms 2-211, 2-212, 2-215, open during all college open hours
  3. The Library study Room 7-219 (click here to reserve 7-219), available during all Library open hours. All small Library study rooms (first come, first served), are also available during all Library open hours
  4. For LRON evening classes, the second floor Library study areas (overlooking the courtyard), is available 5 to 8 p.m.

Tunxis Student Services

While all of our services are available in person, we also offer services virtually for our online students, including the Library, tutoring, counseling and advising. Please see individual web pages for the latest information.

Helpful Email Contacts

Financial Aid:
Tutoring/Placement Testing:
Academic Advising:
Course Registration:
or with course prerequisite questions.
Accessibility Services:
Business Office/Payments:
Continuing Education:
IT Helpdesk:
– Reference (virtual only):
– Computer Use:
– Circulation/Reserves (on campus):

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